Spotlight on Megan Leger: The Creative Force Behind Southern Lash Co.

In the charming town of Youngsville, Louisiana, Megan Leger stands as the founder and owner of Southern Lash Co. With almost 12 years of experience in the field of esthetics and a background as a licensed Esthetician and Esthetics Educator, Megan has spent the past 7 years perfecting the art of lashing. Her journey from a small-town girl to a prominent lash artist is a story worth sharing.

In her role as a Lash Educator, Megan is driven by a profound passion for assisting fellow women in establishing careers within an ever-evolving industry. She finds particular excitement in the dynamic nature of their field. At Southern Lash Co., Megan’s team specializes in tailoring lashes to suit the distinct needs of each client. With over 15 years of combined lashing experience and a multitude of certifications, they proudly consider themselves experts in the realm of lash health. Their signature service revolves around handcrafted volume lashes, delivering that extra fluff and density, rendering mascara and eyeliner obsolete.

Reflecting on the inception of Southern Lash Co., it all came together quite spontaneously, a testament to Megan’s adaptability and openness to the unforeseen opportunities that arose. Her journey in the lash industry, however, was anything but accidental, with lashing organically becoming the core of her business.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Megan confesses a penchant for fantasy novels, finding solace and relaxation within their pages. She acknowledges the profound impact of various courses within the lash industry, which have played a pivotal role in her growth as a lash artist and educator.

Megan’s success hinges on her ability to adapt and invest in herself and her business. She actively cultivates a positive and growth-oriented mindset and surrounds herself with like-minded individuals. She firmly believes that removing negativity from her life has been transformative.

If she were to embark on her entrepreneurial journey anew, Megan would confront imposter syndrome head-on from day one. She acknowledges this common challenge and emphasizes the importance of embracing it, as it opened doors and opportunities she’d never imagined.

One enduring piece of advice that has guided Megan is the value of patience. Her favorite mantra, “I am becoming,” serves as a daily reminder that personal and professional growth is a continuous journey.

Before her personal brand photoshoot, Megan harbored a dread of being in front of the camera, feeling undeniably awkward. Despite these initial reservations, the experience proved to be a game-changer. Not only did she adore the results, but she also felt entirely at ease throughout the process, igniting her enthusiasm for future shoots.

To anyone contemplating booking a photoshoot, Megan offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice: Just do it! The experience of capturing your authentic self and sharing it with the world is an endeavor well worth pursuing.

To delve deeper into the world of Southern Lash Co., feel free to explore their website at, and stay connected with their journey on Instagram @southernlashco. Megan may admit to feeling a tad nervous, but that’s all part of the excitement that drives her remarkable journey!

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